Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hey Y'all! first blog post...what to write...

Not to sound too boring, but I'm pretty bored. 

Don't you hate when someone asks what you like to do in your spare time and you have no real interesting answer? A cool person might say, oh, I like to rock climb, run 10ks or learn different languages (I do like learning different languages, though..Bonjour,y'all!). But,all you can come up with is the typical, I like to hang out with friends, go to the movies,yada yada. When in all reality you wanna say is, I LOVE to buy  makeup, do my friends makeup, read magazine articles about makeup and oh, I'm also addicted to watching YouTube videos on makeup! No? Well, that's what I really wanna scream out and with conviction.

You might say to yourself that answer sounds alright to a female. To a male, the ones usually asking the spare time question, that answer makes their  faces want melt off! And this topic comes up a lot, since I am getting older and heading towards the "30 and Flirty" category (face palm)and  looking for my future mate. Le Sigh. That's a whole other topic I'm sure I'll make a post about.

I guess I'm here because I like to talk about makeup and I don't necessarily have people who like to talk about it around me. So, I'm hoping it's here that I find people who do. I'll probably be rambling on about stuff unrelated to makeup up as well;i.e. me turning 30( double face palm). 

So,  hope all is well! Talk to you in a bit!



  1. Hey How are you doing? I'm good. Great blog so far...and I can tell you really really really LOVE LOVE LOVE makeup there l0l?! That's cool though. I just started a BLOG 2 but i dont know ok l0l?! AND mines not a specific topic or anything but design stuff n stuff about life ii guess 2...good luck w/the blog and cant wait 2 read more...take care byes : )! Lourdez!

  2. Thanks for sending me a message! I am following you on Hello Cotton :)