Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Real Techniques- Starter Set (Eyes)

Confession...I am a YouTube fanatic! I'd rather watch YouTube than regular television and I do. One of my first subscriptions were to the ladies of Pixiwoo! I watch them religiously and when Samantha Chapman introduced that she had a range of brushes coming out I freaked! I needed them now!
I was happy to see that they eventually made it to Ulta, but it seemed every time I tried to pick some up, they were sold out! I had given up and contemplated ordering online until I received my Ulta mailer that had a $3.50 off $10 coupon. If you aren't signed up with the rewards program, you totally should cause it's totally free! Well, after receiving it, I decided to try my luck and see if I could get my hands on those coveted brushes! Sure enough, there it lonely starter set swinging in the wind, ready for me to snatch her up! And so I did.

Can you see my cell phone..hehe

This set comes with 5synthetic brushes:

Base Shadow Brush...Very soft! Feels like a cuddly teddy bear on your eyelid! Perfect for applying shadow and blending. 

Deluxe Crease Brush... I use this brush for blending my crease shadow. Sam uses it to blend in concealer as well. I tried it, not sure if it's for me. I feel like it just removes my concealer instead of spreading it. It may depend on the concealer though. I'll just keep trying :)

Accent Brush... I absolutely LOVE this brush! It's so cute and tiny! It is the perfect size to apply shadow to the bottom lashes or detailing your outer v!

Brow Brush...  Although it's meant for your eyebrows, I quite like it for applying gel eyeliner to my lash line. It's on the bigger side and  covers a larger surface area. When filling in my brows, I like a smaller angled brush for more control on where the product goes.

Pixel-point eyeliner brush... I have yet to use this brush. It seems a bit thick for an eyeliner brush. She has since come out with a fine liner brush that I wish was in this set instead.


 I am very happy with these brushes and want to add more to my collection. This set was definitely a bargain at $17.99! You can check out the Real Techniques brush range here as well as tutorials on how to use each brush. Pretty sweet!

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