Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Naturally Curly Hair

Hey Everyone!

Last week was definitely busy and exciting!

I had a job interview and ended up getting a job offer at the end of it! It's a pretty cool job so I'm absolutely stoked! Then, I have been in need of a new cell phone for about two years now. My old phone, T-mobile MyTouch, is pretty obsolete in the technology world. To put it shortly, on many occasions, I've wanted to back over it with my car. I stopped being lazy and upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S Blaze. I ideally wanted an IPhone 4S, but until T mobile gets their act together and carries it, this will have to do. I love this new phone by the way :)

Today's post is about hair.

I have naturally curly hair, which I straighten from time to time. But most times it's curly. My hair texture is similar to Antonia Thomas's from the show Misfits( Love LOVE love that show! Can't wait for new series to start) sans the blonde.

The great thing about having naturally curly hair is that, with proper care, your styling options are endless!

The downside for me is that evil word called FRIZZ!

Now, I don't mind a bit of frizz if done on purpose, like if you are going for a wild and free, Bohemian look. But, it's that frizz where you are in the house, you got your curls just perfect, you step outside and it's like you did nothing. FRIZZ CITY! Major sad face.

Since warm weather is here I wanted to go over my go-to products that help give me defined, shiny curls in Spring/Summer :)

Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner for Damaged Hair

This is meant as a deep conditioner, but it states on the bottle that you can apply daily.

This has a medium thick consistency and i apply it after shampooing with a generic clarifying shampoo 

 * I only shampoo only once, maybe twice a week. I know it's time to use shampoo when I feel that my hair has that coated feeling from a lot of build up. Otherwise, I'll wash my hair with a conditioner ie. co-washing.I'll co-wash three times a week.

This convenient salon-size bottle has a nice pump and was a steal at T.J.Maxx for $12.99. 

 TRESemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner

After rinsing out the Giovanni Conditioner I will apply this conditioner to my hair and use a paddle brush
* one that has a rubber base and plastic bristles, not the boar bristle kind, to detangle my hair in the shower. 

This conditioner gives great slip, so the brush glides right through. 
I leave this conditioner in without rinsing.

This conditioner is silicone-free and contains organic aloe vera extract and avocado oil. These ingredients mean a lot. Aloe vera is known for it's moisturizing properties and avocados are rich in vitamins and proteins. I get this conditioner from Target for a $4.99.

I leave this conditioner in without rinsing.

So, I either stop at this step or I add this...

SheaMoisture Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk

This product is meant for thick, curly hair. It provides moisture, body and shine. It has a medium thick consistency and smells of coconuts. This retails for $9.99 and can be purchased at Walgreens or Target.

So, if I want to add some hold, I will add this after the leave-in conditioner step. 
I have thick, medium/fine strands so I section my hair in four sections. I apply a quarter size amount to each section. I smooth it through with my hands to make sure all my strands are coated. 

After that is done. I can either air-dry or if in a hurry, I'll break out my trusty diffuser! I will diffuse on low and warm heat. 

Then I'm done :) 

How do you guys style your curly hair? Anyone else use Shea Moisture Products?


  1. My hair isn't curly the way yours seems to be..but it does have it's own mind about what it wants to do for the day :D I love the Giovanni conditioner..not tried the other products you have recommended. Will definitely pick them up next time..

    1. I love Giovanni! Their leave is amazing as well! Thanks for reading Radhika!

  2. My hair is more curly than it appears to be in my profile picture! Not as curly as yours but my mum's is a lot like yours! I have a lot of problems with frizziness though. I get a Brazilian blow dry normally every couple of months to straighten the front bits as they always look broken. But Im having a break now as i think its giving me dandruff...great. For styling I use Aveda Be Curly. Will definitely keep your products in mind for the future!

    1. Oh, I love Aveda! I have been hearing good this about their be curly line. I'll have to try it out! Your hair sounds beautiful by the way!

  3. Congrats on the job!! I love and use all the products mentioned though I only recently fell in love with the Giovanni conditioner. :-)