Thursday, August 2, 2012

H&M Lip Glosses

Hey there! Long time no post? : /   Sorry guys for the delay. 

I have been trying to experiment with color on my lips and thought I'd be daring and go straight to the top and get some red shades. I spotted these beauts in the H&M accessory section. Lipglosses have always been a safe way to go for me cause I'm a big 'ol chicken!! I feel like a clown or look like I'm trying too hard to look older, when I wear lipstick. Anyone else feel this way? 

Right Red

First, I have to say that I love the little horses on the cap of this gloss. So darn cute!
If you look closely at the outside of the tube you can see tiny gold flecks in red pigment. Upon opening it, I could really see that this was not going to be as deep and daring a red that I had hoped. But I still like it! Its sheer and is not sticky at all! I have to say for the price,($1.49), it was a worthy purchase.

DIVIDED Lip Gloss Hula Hula in Hawaii

Either my eyes were affected from this summer heat or the lighting in H&M was bad, but I thought this color was another red. But when I got home, I was surprised that it was a sheer hot pink color!

 Hula Hula has silvery glitter flecks in it and the color is very sheer. I do love it though! It gives just a faint wash of color on the lips.This is definitely a great layering gloss or when you just need a hint of color to brighten your day!

I really like these two and the price,$1.49 ea, was definitely right! I think I would purchase makeup from H&M again!

Have any of you tried any of the H&M range of makeup?


  1. Hey Kristen! I love the gloss colors!

    I just tagged you for the Liebster Award Blogger tag. Check my blog post below for more info!


  2. Oh wow, I never thought to buy make-up from H&M will have to look into it! I wrote to you on Instagram yesterday but just thought I'd say hi as I haven't been on Hello Cotton for AGES...bit bad but I find it so hard to keep up with everything! I added your blog to Blogs I'm lovin' on my website :) keep up the good work! xxx