Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Cream Blush

Hey guys! 

So, I was waiting in the checkout line at Forever and spotted these puppies. Now, I normally don't look twice at makeup in clothing stores,but these colors were so bright and vibrant. And at a price tag of $1.50, I couldn't pass it up. I could always find use for it elsewhere if it didn't work out. 

I purchased the coral and pink colors. They are definitely true to color when on. The formula was surprisingly smooth and creamy for the price. It is very buildable and the colors are perfect for summer. 

I wouldn't recommend this for those who get oily in the cheek area unless you layered it with a powder blush on top.

Would I buy Forever 21 makeup again? Meh, I may try their polishes, but products for the face would have to be pretty special for me to buy.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! 


  1. These are really pretty..I saw them the other day but wasn't sure if they were good. Now I know to pick them up next time I see it. :-)

  2. Tell me how you like them,Tshai, when you do! :)